Jemima Duck has been taken by a fox?

Jemima has gone! Was it a Fox?

Ok, so the other day, my favourite duck (the only white one I have, and hatched out last year) disappeared. She was there in the early evening, and when I went to put all the ducks to bed they were all behaving oddly.

The ducks were all huddled in the chicken paddock and when I tried to herd them toward their house, were rather reluctant to go. It was at this point I realised Jemima was not with the others.

I put all the other ducks to bed, then with the dog (Beatie), by touch light went looking for Jemima.

I couldn’t find her anywhere, and no sign of feathers either.

However, at points along the stream that borders the chicken paddock, I thought I smelt fox. Beattie was onto something, she followed a scent along the stream.

Something is afoot.

What I don’t understand is, if it was a fox, I thought they killed everything around, then came back later for the rest. The only thing I can think of, is that Jemima was taken back for cubs? Perhaps this was intentional and she was taken back injured for the cubs to do the final job?

What do you think? Will foxy be back?


  1. Ian C3rd May 2019

    Does she (did she?!) have flight feathers? Did she just fly away?

    1. Tom3rd May 2019

      We’ve had a couple of wild drakes hanging around so she could have gone to Gretna Green with one of them I suppose? I have never had to trim their flight feathers, as the ducks are too large to fly. They only manage to get off the ground a few centimetres. We have stoats about, but she would have been too large for a stoat, (I have lost chicks to a suspected stoat attack). Also stoats tend to go on a killing frenzy and kill everything. Same with mink, but thankfully, I don’t think we have any of those!


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