Honey Bee Swarm Hanging from a Plum tree in June

A Swarm in June is worth a Silver Spoon!

Swarm season is upon us and it has been quite a busy year so far!

Honey Bee Swarm Season is normally in the months of May to June, and this year there seems to be a lot of bees looking for new places to live.

A swarm in May – is worth a load of hay. A swarm in June – is worth a silver spoon. A swarm in July – isn’t worth a fly.

English Proverb about Honey Bee Swarms and their value to the beekeeper

As a Bee Keeper and registered swarm collector (See BBKA website for details), I have been out and about collecting honey bee swarms from all over the local area.

It’s great to meet everyone and share your knowledge on bees. It’s so positive to meet lots of people who are aware of the plight of our declining bee population.

The question I have which no one seems to be able to answer is:

Do you remember back in the 70’s and early 80’s car windscreens, front bumpers and number plates, always used to get coated in hundreds of dead insects? To the extent that you would frequently have to regularly scrub your windows to remove the little dead bodies!

Why does this not occur regularly now? Where have all the flying insects gone?

Any thoughts? Leave a comment!

Tom Good

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  1. J I C9th June 2019

    I have a theory… As cars have become more aerodynamic, any insect in the air stream is carried in the smooth flow of air over the body shell. Turbulent air swirls behind the back of the car but even this is being minimised further to reduce drag,.As I say, just a thought.

    1. Tom Good13th June 2019

      Hi, yes, I think this is a possibility. I guess if the air stream lifts the insects before coming into contact with the car, they are lifted right over the vehicle


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