Goose down remains from where a goose was taken by a fox

RIP Mrs Goose

WARNING: This blog entry contains some pictures readers may not like.

As usual, I went out last night to lock the animals away at dusk.

The chickens always go back to their coup, to roost, so it is just a case of shutting the door. The dog lets me know if there is a straggler, for example stuck the other side of a fence or has decided to roost in a hedge, but this rarely happens.

A Safe Place to Sleep

Most of the time the ducks and geese return to their normal respective houses, but I always count them out, and count them back to check there is no one lost or stuck somewhere.

Last night I put the chickens and ducks away, then went to the field with the geese. They had already gone into the stable, but I noticed one was missing.

Missing Goose Remains Found

After a search I found feathers and a trail, to where the goose had been dragged off and its dismembered body was laying.

Dismembered body of a goose dragged off by a fox
Dismembered body of a goose dragged off by a fox

It looked like the fox was killed in the afternoon, as I had noticed more feathers than usual in the field at about 4:00pm. However, the geese are molting at the moment, so did not give it a second thought.

Riga mortise had set in, the head had been neatly removed, and the breast neatly eaten a way. This fox left with a full stomach, and probably won’t be back for a while.

Mr/s Fox is Not Welcome!

This year, I have lost two ducks, one chicken and now a goose. Each time this has happened in the afternoon and the light of day. From what I can make out, this is probably a young brazen fox, who is not timid.

The fox seems to come out into the field, or take a straggler near the field edge, then carry off its prey, or drag it into long grass.

I have to quicker at putting the animals to bed at night!

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