Walnut in its husk, ready to fall from the tree

Autumn walnuts ripe for the picking

As we move toward the end of October, the weather has been quite beautiful over the last couple of days.

When I checked the walnuts a week ago, they showed no signs of emerging from their green shiny casing.

Walnut in it's casing or husk
Walnut in it’s casing or husk

Cracking up

This week there had been a transformation, the husks had all split and the walnuts were beginning to fall to the ground.

Cracking fruit of the walnut.
Cracking fruit of the walnut.

Now was the time to collect what had fallen, and pick the remaining fruit.

The resulting walnut bounty will be dried in a warm place before stored somewhere cool, dark and vermin free.

From the walnut tree flower ……..

Walnut Flower in UK early May
Walnut Flower in UK early May

Comes the walnut!

Walnuts gathered from the walnut trees.

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  1. JIC23rd October 2019

    Brilliant! I always wondered how they were harvested!

    1. Tom Good23rd October 2019

      I was intrigued too! Even weirder when you see the walnut flowers. See: https://diedandgonetodevon.uk/2019/05/08/a-prehistoric-growth/

      Thanks for your comment


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