Willow logs stacked for drying

Given the Chop

From an old photograph, the boundary along our stream was not maintained for around 45 years.  What was once a hedge has grown to become a line of trees.

The trees are lovely, and obviously great habitat for wildlife, but also a wind break protecting us to a degree from the prevailing wind which comes off the sea about a mile away.

When we moved in, the trees overhung a quarter of the field and were becoming intrusive.  Over the last few winters we have managed to cut back some of the trees regaining the field.

It was now the turn of a massive ash tree.  The ash, was becoming dangerous, with big branches coming down in high winds, so we decided to take it out.  Too big a job for me, wo we had a tree surgeon in.  Three men, one day, the tree has gone.

Today, I have been stacking all the logs for drying.  One of the nice things about Ash, is it can be burnt almost immediately and doesn’t require seasoning.  However, its going to take a while to chop all the wood into logs for the wood burners, but it should keep us warm for a few years!

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