Compact Tractor

So I Bought A Tractor

There are many things in life you expect, and others you dream of, but I never thought I would say, “I’ve bought a tractor”.

A big investment, and a decision not taken lightly but we came to the conclusion that a little tractor would help us manage the outside and the fields.

One of the main reasons for buying the tractor was so that we could get a topper attachment for cutting the fields. The next reason, was to tow a trailer, for moving ‘stuff’ around. Anything from logs, to bricks to fallen branches and hedge cuttings, it saves so many wheel barrow trips, walking backward and forwards.

Expensive purchase, but it should help us out as we get older!

Tom Good

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Read my blog about buying a Victorian farm house in Devon, England. What started as a dream of self sufficiency, is now a midlife reality.

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