Beehive blown over by Storm Ciara

Angry Bees!

Well wouldn’t you bee angry too? I can see some of the beehives from the house. I am always keeping an eye on the hives checking all is well. In the summer it is always useful to look out at midday to make sure they are not swarming.

Everyone had been warning us about #StormCiara, but for some reason I didn’t think about the hives.

This morning when I got up, the hives were fine, but the wind was gusting. The BBC website said gusts up to 70 miles per hour.

Mid morning, one of the hives blew over! Spotted as it happened, I shot out to pick the hive up to protect the poor bees from the wind and rain. As I upped the hive and went to get some blocks to to put on the roof and hold it down, it blew over again!

Angry, unhappy bees is an understatement! Poor things. Anyway, I managed to up the hive again (Four stings later – four little bees obviously managed to get into my bee jacket) Weight it down with bricks and strap it together.

Fingers crossed the queen has not been damaged, and all the girls will support her as she starts to lay this spring’s worker bees.

Beehive strapped down for the winter winds
Beehive strapped down for the winter winds

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