A large goose egg from a domestic goose

Geese are laying!

Last year our first goose egg was laid by our ladies on 25th February. This year it was today, 26th February 2020! Talk about keeping to a timetable. Quite amazing!

Next it will be the swallows turning up on April 14th …… which they always do, give or take a day.

I know what I’m having for breakfast, soft boiled goose egg with soldiers. Delicious!

Soft boiled goose egg with soldiers
Soft boiled goose egg with soldiers

Soon I’ll be moaning about the glut of eggs, and asking what I’m going to do with them. Having said this, there is definitely a keen interest in goose eggs, as this is the number one search term that people come to my website with.

I perhaps need to look at how I can sell them online via mail order (currently they are collection only). Not sure the effort of packing eggs up for postage is worthwhile and cost effective. On top of this, how do you deal with customer complaints and issues over broken eggs. I’ll think about this, after all you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette!

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