Buying Rye Flour during #lLockDown

The Lack of Flour

Barbara makes the family Sourdough bread and has been making bread for for over 20 years. I won’t say “I can’t remember the last time we bought shop bread”, because we can, and regret it every rare time we do!

One of the challenges we have found with lockdown, is being able to buy Rye Flour.

For us, this seems to be an essential component of keeping our sourdough culture alive. We call it the Reverend (subject of another blog). It only seems to thrive when it is fed Rye Flour.

Although we get a reasonable bread when other flours are fed to the Reverend, Rye Flour, in our opinion, is the best.

For the past 5 weeks due to #LockDown we have been unable to buy it. I understand that there has been an increased demand for bread flour. There hasn’t been a lack of flour, but a lack of capacity to package the flour in small bags for consumers to buy in Supermarkets.

This has resulted in a glut of flour packaged in large sacks for catering (which has seen a dramatic decrease in demand) and an increase in demand for supermarket purchased flour in small bags. Hence a shortage a lack of supply.

Well today we finally managed to get Rye Flour …… The Reverend will thrive again!

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