Field mowed with topper

Putting the Tractor to Work

The other weekend we all had fun with the tractor moving wood chip down to the vegetable patch. This week I mowed the field for the first time this spring.

We had another chicken taken, so Mr Fox is being brazen in the day. Probably out to get food for cubs. The grass was rather long in the chicken field, so Mr Fox probably had a chance to creep up on the poor little chicken. So the first job was to cut the chicken paddock.

I then thought the goose field was getting a bit long, and after loosing a goose last year, I thought I better get on it asap.

However, I don’t want it to be like a mowed lawn, as I want to encourage flowers and the grass to grow long. When the field is long, in summer, we notice far more birds and wildlife in the field.

It appears to attract more insects. We see more butterflies and see the swallows flying low over the long grass. We also see little fledglings and flocks of birds landing on the seed heads of the grass and flowers.

The long term aim, is to have a managed field encouraging naturalisation and attracting wildlife.

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