Putting Together Super Frames

Getting Super

The bees are doing so well, that I am struggling to keep up.

Over the past month the weather has been fine, warm and dry. As a result, the bees have been out most days pollinating everything in flower. The apple trees are a buzz, the plumb and cherry trees are setting little fruitlets.

I can’t remember an April so good.

The bees have built up well, and the colonies are in full production. They have been packing the hives with honey. Sometimes you see this amount of activity if you have rape in the fields near you. However, I don’t think this year that’s the reason for the honey crop.

I have had to buy additional frame for the hive’s supers. (The frame is where the bees place the honey. The super is a collection of frames, that you isolate away from the queen so she can not lay eggs in them, and the bees will put honey.)

I should have prepared over winter and spent the dark evening putting together the frames and wax in preparation, instead of rushing at this time of year to put them all together and into the hives.

However, it’s quite pleasant to put together frames in the light evenings and have a beer while doing it.

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