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A Place to Brew

I have finally managed to get my Brew/ Wine/ Honey extraction kitchen up and running. Not quite finished. Still need to tile the floor, finish tiling the walls and put the last shelves up, but it is now fully operational.

Rather than use the utility room, I have transformed part of the Shippen into a man cave for all my messy hobbies. Not sure what this area was once used for. When we moved in, it had straw on the floor and a rail for what looked like tying up animals. In one corner was an obsolete broken hot water boiler. There was no water, or drainage (other than a hole in the wall). Since it was next to the main part of the Shippen where they milked the cows, I am guessing this may have been like a little diary for holding the milk or an area for milking goats or keeping calves?

Converting a room in a shipper to become a working hobby space
Converting a room in a shipper to become a working hobby space

Using all reclaimed/recycled items (apart from the work surface, kitchen tap and some electrical sockets) I have managed to knock up a great hobby space just in time for the start of harvest, fermenting and late summer honey extraction.

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