Leeks and carrots plucked from the soil

Colourful Harvest

Freshly plucked from the soil, these carrots and leeks are going into tonight’s sausage and bean casserole!

The Veg patch has been quite good this year. Apart from the May frosting of the beans, courgettes & pumpkins. These were resown, then the beans were eaten by rabbits, and resown again!

The freezer is packed with sweetcorn, blueberries, strawberries, and beans. Potatoes are all lifted and stored.

Pumpkins are being harvested, and the Halloween pumpkins are selling well. Hopefully this weekend we will sell a few along with eating and cooking apples.

Tomatoes finished a while ago, but we still have a few aubergines that need picking. Chillies have all been picked and made into chilli jam, or stored in vinegar for using.

Climbing beans are still producing, and the casserole beans are on the plant swelling nicely for picking and drying.

A few lettuces are still in the ground. I think we will leave the Beetroot, carrots, leeks and cabbages and pick these as we need them.

Now, off to do some apple pressing for my last batch of apple wine!

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