Master Bedroom Renovation

Pictures Showing the Renovation Stages of the Master Bedroom. Started 18th March 2018

After nearly 6 years of being in the house, we renovated out bedroom

The plan:

  • Chip off all the old lime plaster to the brick and rubble walls;
  • Move the main door, over a metre to make room for a wall to wall wardrobe;
  • Cut a new door into the existing 1950's bathroom, which will become an en-suite;
  • Rewire all electrics;
  • Put insulation plasterboard on all of the exterior facing walls;
  • Put plasterboard on all the interior walls;
  • Build a wall to wall wardrobe across one end of the bedroom;
  • Plaster walls and ceiling;
  • Fix skirting boards, coving & picture rail;
  • Finally decorate!
  • ......... oh and at the same time prepare the en-suite bathroom.